Self-esteem is the way people see themselves. Children develop self-esteem very early in life and are shaped by their own expectations as well as the expectations of significant people in their life, such as parents, caregivers or peers.

Self-esteem is an important factor in a child’s motivations and achievements and can have an effect on their performance in school, sports, social relationships and the ability to recover from disappointment. A child’s self-esteem can change from day to day, however, their overall self-esteem plays a major role in their emotional development. A child with low self-esteem will tend to settle for modest accomplishments and may feel shame or inadequacy and are more likely to conform to their peer group and adopt their behaviours and values. Children with low-self esteem are often not able to deal with stress and failures.

To determine if a child has low self-esteem, look for the following signals:

  • A child who avoids a task or challenge without even trying or quitting at the first sign of frustration
  • Cheating or lying when the child thinks they are going to lose
  • Drop in school grades
  • Social withdrawal or little contact with friends
  • Makes self-critical comments like “nobody likes me”
  • Overly sensitive about other people’s opinion of them

How can you help a child with low self-esteem? In order for a child to develop a healthier self-esteem, they will need the following:

  1. Sense of security: Children must feel secure about themselves and their future.
  2. Sense of belonging: Children need to feel accepted and loved by others. This begins in the family and extends to friends, schoolmates and other groups.
  3. Sense of purpose: Children should have goals that give them purpose and direction.
  4. Personal competence and pride: Children should feel confident in their ability to meet the challenges in their lives. This comes from having success in solving problems, being creative and seeing results from their efforts.
  5. Trust: Children need to feel like they are trusted by their parents, caregivers and other children. To help children feel trusted, you need to be sure to keep promises you make to them and give them chances to be trustworthy.
  6. Self-discipline and control: As children are gaining independence, they need to sense that they can make it on their own. Give them opportunities and guidelines for them to test themselves.
  7. Accepting mistakes and failure: Children need to know that when they make a mistake they are not defeated. When a child makes a mistakes or fails, explain that hurdles and setbacks are a normal part of life and the important thing is to always try their hardest and to ask for help when they need it. Support them with constructive criticism that is designed to help them improve, not to make them feel discouraged or humiliated.

Words by Marichen Klaver, a registered Counsellor / student Educational Psychologist at Sparrow Schools Educational Trust.

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The Foundation School opens Science Centre

While the Gauteng Provincial Government opened the province’s first “School of Specialisation” in Soweto on Monday, the Sparrow Foundation School launched its Natural Science & Technology Centre on Tuesday. The Centre is part of a long-term infrastructure upgrade that is aimed at creating a hub of remedial instruction within the school.

Provantage Media Group and General Electric representatives Katinka Beeslaar and Mariana Jacobsz

Provantage Media Group and General Electric representatives Katinka Beeslaar and Mariana Jacobsz

The new Remedial centre now includes the Literacy Enrichment Centre, the Maths Enrichment Centre and the newly built Natural Science and Technology Centre. The new centre was made possible through the generous contributions of the Provantage Media Group and General Electric. “Provantage has always been committed to education and after we did our research on Sparrow Schools, we knew that it was the obvious choice. We knew where our money was going, we can definitely see the results,” says Provantage Media Group’s HR Manager, Katinka Beeslaar.


Clients and guests observing the first lesson

General Electric representative, Mariana Jacobsz also adds, “General Electric has been involved with the Sparrow Foundation School now, we are always willing to help where we can. It is great to see the difference that is happening in the school, I have also really grown to care for the school and the children.”

Once fully completed, the Natural Science and Technology Centre will be equipped with multimedia teaching equipment that enables the teaching of lessons using content of any format. This may include online content, audio, video or digitally displayed lesson content. Screens and displays will also be located in the classroom to enable teaching from multiple positions while also ensuring that learners can access the information no matter where they are in the class.

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A Love for Reading Starts at Home

It is an exciting time for a child when they start learning to read, and this excitement needs to be nurtured at home. In school reading is involved in all subject areas, helping your child to read with fluency and comprehension is a vital skill that your child will need to cope well in the higher grades. Our Remedial Therapist, Samantha Bolton shares some tips to do at home:

1) Expose children to books and the wonder of stories from as young as possible.

2) Read daily with your child, reading should not only be confined to set school books they bring home but reading should also be for pleasure, reading can be a special bonding time between parents and their children.

3) Go to the library, this is a wonderful free activity and many libraries offer storytime and holiday programs.

4) Have books with you all the time, useful for keeping the little ones busy during while waiting for appointments, shopping,  eating a restaurant, and for those long drives.

5) Let your child read books to you at their level but also read books to them that are a bit more advanced so they can enjoy listening and using their imagination.

6) For older readers encourage them to get hooked on a book series so that they keep reading more.

7) Talk to your children about what they are reading, ask them questions, and at the end get them to summarise the book in a few sentences in their own words.

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The Sparrow FET College awards candidates

Staying true to Sparrow’s vision, we have ensured  that we equip young people with the capability to earn a livelihood through training in scarce skills. As stressed by the FET College’s Operations Manager, Melanie Malema in the organisation’s 2014 annual report, the College has “developed a programme that as opposed to mere training for the sake of training, promises to address skills shortages that characterise local industry.”


Graduates and facilitators in Installation of Floor Coverings.

On 6 May 2016, the Sparrow FET College hosted its second graduation ceremony to award students from the 2014 groups across the different programs offered by the College. The graduates who were awarded included groups from the Automotive Repair & Maintenance, Fluid Power Hose Assemblies, Assistant Chef, Welding Application & Practice, Furniture Making and Installation of Floor Coverings.


Duduzile Seroka, Palese Ntsodi, Asia Khomba, Hope Galela and Zandile Siyaya proudly show their Assistant Chef certificates.

In attendance were various industry partners and SETA’s who have collaborated with the College to ensure that the vision of equipping  young people with skills is realized. These included representatives from Spar, Mercedes-Benz, Merseta, New Tank Designs, FP & M, Everwood, and FITA. The ceremony was also well attended by the pupils with support from friends and family.


Proud moment for students and their flooring industry training Director, Patty Vermaak.

“On behalf of the College, we would like to thank the parents for entrusting your children to us. Thank you to the facilitators for their dedication, thank you to the SETA’s for their help with registrations. We also thank our industry partners for continuing to accommodate our learners,” said the Sparrow FET college’s Client Liaison, Mary Webber.