5 unusual ways to beat interview nerves

5 unusual ways to beat interview nerves

Interviews are perhaps among the most stressful activities any of us have to undertake in our lives. Putting yourself in a vulnerable position and trying to highlight all of your skills while potential employers scrutinise your CV isn’t exactly a fun day at the races.

Don’t fret: there are some unusual ways to prevent interview nerves from getting the best of you. Sure, these methods are not traditional, but using them the next time you apply for a job could help to make you feel calmer and more at ease during the interview process.

1. Stand up and wait in the boardroom

When you are shown into the boardroom where your interview will be conducted, you might be shown a seat to wait for the panel that will be interviewing you. Don’t take it – you will seem more confident when you meet the interview panel standing up at the same level as they are.

2. Be careful of speaking too quickly

When we’re nervous, we tend to speak faster. To stop this from happening, breathe in through your nose, hold it for three counts, then breathe out through your nose for another three counts. Do this three times while waiting for your interview. Breathing slowly helps to slow down your heart rate and calm your nerves.

3. Show your hands

Some research has shown that you are more likely to get the job when your hands are visible on the table in front of you. This is because showing your hands is a sign of honesty.

4. Take care of the pre-interview jitters

If you are wary of showing your hands because they are shaking, one rather unusual technique can help to stop this from happening. When you clench your buttocks and thigh muscles, it helps to prevent your hands from shaking. Don’t worry about people noticing – proper interview attire will prevent anyone from seeing what you’re doing.

5. Stop your voice from quivering

Before your interview, open your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as you can, and then try to recite the entire Humpty Dumpty rhyme. As ridiculous as this sounds, doing this helps to open your throat, helping you to sound more confident.

These interview tips might sound quite weird, but trying to incorporate these little tricks will help you to walk into your next interview feeling confident about the prospect of showing your interviewers exactly why you are the very best candidate for the job.

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