Keep your kids entertained with these 5 fun holiday crafts

Keep your kids entertained with these 5 fun holiday craftsThe December holidays are almost here, which means your children are most likely already looking forward to summery days at home without any homework to do. But how will you keep them entertained over the festive season? Why not keep them busy and creative at the same time? These fun and easy crafts are a good place to start:
1. Pretty paper tulips
These colourful paper tulips are very easy to make, and will add a beautiful pop of colour to any room. All you need is colourful sheets of paper, glue, paper straws, a hole punch and scissors. Why not use the tulips as table decorations? Simply ‘plant’ the flowers – individually or together – in flowerpots for a quirky decoration that won’t die or fade in colour.
See how to make the paper tulips here.
2. Fun with shadow puppets
Shadow puppets are not only easy to make, but once they’re done, your children can flex their creativity even further by putting together stories and shows with the puppets.
For a shadow puppet show, you will need a shadow theatre. You can make one from a cardboard box – see how here.
To start your kids off with, they can cut out templates of shadow puppets, available here and here.
Once they have become more confident in their abilities with the shadow puppets, and know what stories they want to tell, your children can design and cut out their own shadow puppets.
3. Colourful macaroni necklaces
Once the macaroni has been dyed, making these colourful macaroni necklaces can keep the kids busy without too much supervision – they simply need to thread the macaroni bits through strings or ribbons. You can include different shapes of pasta for variation. If you’re setting up a Christmas tree for the holidays, the children can thread longer strings to decorate the tree with.
See the complete guide to this project here.
4. Colourful ladybug rocks
These cute ladybug rocks are very easy to make, and will add a quirky touch to your garden and outdoor areas. The ladybugs can even be used as paper weights or add charm and character to your table setting if you incorporate them into the decorations. Place them on windowsills for a colourful, cheerful surprise.
See how to make the ladybug rocks here.
5. Mess-free tie-dye scarfs
This really fun and easy project can keep the kids creative and busy for hours on end, and is not as messy as traditional tie-dyeing. The scarfs made can also be given as gifts. You can even take it further – why not try out the technique on napkins and tablecloths? It will add a festive feel to celebrations or mealtimes, and the kids will feel proud of having their creations used for guests or events.
See how to make the project here.

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