Sparrow success stories: Phumziwe and Justin

At Sparrow FET College, we pride ourselves on the difference our alumni make in the country once they’ve completed their training at Sparrow.

As such, it is always a pleasure to share some of our students’ success stories.

We sat down with Phumziwe Vanessa Ndinesa and Justin Tebogo Mojapelo, two former Sparrow students who are now using the skills they acquired at Sparrow to empower themselves and the South African workforce at large.

Where did you complete your schooling?

Phumziwe: “I started grade 1 at Madiba Primary School, then progressed to Samelson Business College, but left a year later to attend Mahareng Secondary School, where I completed my grade 12.”

Justin: “I attended Sir John Adamson High School.”

What course(s) did you complete at Sparrow FET College?

Phumziwe: “I did IT Technical Support at Sparrow FET College.”

Justin: “I completed two courses at Sparrow FET College: Professional Cookery and Assistant Chef.”

Which company sponsored your course?

Phumziwe: “I was sponsored by a company called Principa.”

Justin: “I was sponsored by SPAR.”

Where are you currently employed?

Phumziwe: “I am employed at Sparrow FET College as an ICT Junior Technician.”

Justin: “I’m currently employed at the Piza ē Vino restaurant in Lynnwood, Pretoria.”

What is your favourite quote or saying?

Phumziwe: “I actually have two. ‘The world receives what you present to it’, and ‘I may not have the power to control people’s actions, but I have the power to control how I react’.”

What personal or educational achievements would you count amongst your greatest?

Phumziwe: “For me, every day of my life has become my daily achievement because I get to exceed my limitations, and also get to see someone’s life changing through what I said or did. Those, for me, are greater achievements.”

Justin: “I graduated in both courses at Sparrow.”

Which obstacles did you have to overcome to reach your current success?

Phumziwe: “In February 2017, I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, which led to my disability. GBS is a rare autoimmune condition where the body attacks itself internally, and in my case, the membranes covering my nerves got shuttered, preventing the brain from communicating with my body. I was fortunate enough to be sent to South Rand Hospital for rehabilitation and extensive therapy, where I regained some of my strength and started living life on a positive note.”

Justin: “Growing up, I used to be a really bad boy. After finding my passion, I stopped all my naughty and irresponsible ways.”

Phumziwe and Justin, we are ecstatic to have had a hand in your current success, and look forward to seeing where the roads of life take you. You are inspirational and the epitome of what Sparrow FET College is all about.

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