Hollard Teddybears’ Picnic delights and empowers Sparrow learners

So much of what we are able to do at Sparrow is due to fruitful relationships with corporate partners. One such treasured association is our connection with Hollard Insurance. The company is involved in a range of annual initiatives at Sparrow, including the Board Game event with Sparrow’s grade 5s in September, and our grade 7s’ Christmas Party and Farewell in November.














The year always kicks off with the popular Hollard Teddy Bears’ Picnic. This fun event for the grade 2s was held at the Foundation School on 12 February this year. After welcoming Hollard’s volunteers with a song, learners received lunch, something to drink, some sweets and a teddy bear.

The volunteers from Hollard (CSI Project Manager, Lynnette van Vreden, Consumer Education Specialist, Reuben Oosthuysen, René Sinclair and Octavia Nakhaphelo) actively partook in the day, reading the Hollard InstaStory Book that learners received with them. This initiative, in partnership with Kago Ya Bana, aims to create more opportunities for children to read by creating original books using Instagram stories. Later, everyone engaged in a few exciting rounds of egg race, sack race and a few other games.

Sparrow’s CSI Events and Fundraising Coordinator, Lois Grobbelaar, relayed her gratitude to the entire team at Hollard Insurance.

“Thank you so much for the fabulous Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Our children had an absolute ball and you all made the afternoon a huge success,” said Grobbelaar.














We are so thankful for our decade-long relationship with Hollard Insurance. Hollard has also had a hand in upgrading the Foundation School boys’ and girls’ bathrooms in 2018 and pledged R60 000 to revamp bathrooms at the Sparrow Combined Technical Skills School later this year. Our earnest thanks go to this company, which has and continues to contribute to our operations in fundamental ways.

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