Learner Support Unit

The Learner Support Unit consists of a various therapists who offer learners with further support to aid their academics and/or emotional well-being. The support offered is in the form of the learners’ ability to grow whilst meeting the required standards needed.  An overview below indicates support services Sparrow Schools provides.

  • Educational Psychologist’s role: To create and plan academic, emotional and cognitive assessment on learners through the procedure of standardised assessment tools and tests
  • Speech Therapists Role: To provide speech therapy to learners that are struggling with audio processing, vocabulary and language issues.
  • Occupational Therapist’s Role: To offer therapy to learners who battle with gross motor, fine motor and visual perceptual problems. This assists them to participate better in the classroom and home environment.
  • Social Worker’s Role: To provide counselling to learners that battle with problems of grief, anger, behaviour modification, family issues and social problems and to deal with Crisis interference through trauma debriefings and follow up.


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