Sparrow FET College

 STRUCTURE OF PROGRAMS                                                                                   The training program consists of 12 month of concentrated learning. This includes 6 months of college-based training where students are trained in the request of hands-on skills being learnt. This also includes imitation workplace experience where students can improve their skills in an envoirnment that imitates the demands of  the workplace.

Once accomplished (college-based training), Sparrow students attend 6 months of proper Workplace expereince with a SETA-approved and registered wokplace experience provider functioning in the metal work and fabrication sector. Through this process students are able to prove themselves to their employers.


These are the following fully accredited NQF qualifications in various fields:

Automotive repair and maintenance at NQF level 2 12 months
Professional cookery at NQF 4 12 months
End user computing at NQF level 3 12 months
Furniture making and cabinetry at NQF level 2 12 months
Professional cookery at NQF 4 12 months
Installation of floor coverings at NQF level

Business administration at NQF 2

Sports coaching at NQF 4

12 months

12 months

12 months

Program title Duration 
Hydraulic hose assembly at NQF 3 6 months
Assistant chef at NQF 2 6 months




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