Highlights from Learner Support Unit

The Learner Support Unit is comprised of therapists and other professionals whose goals are to assist Sparrow Schools learners with barriers to learning. Barriers to learning can be described as any factor (physical, cognitive or emotional) that stops a learner from reaching their full potential. The Learner Support Unit works in a collaborative way, with the various therapists working together with parents and educators to ensure that each learner is helped holistically.

The LSU has made some great strides through the years helping inspire action while changing lives . See below:

Sandile Mkhonza – Foundation School learner *


Mkhonza has been attending the Sparrow Foundation School since the start of 2014. Upon arriving at the school, it was apparent that Mkhonza struggled with communicating in class and relating to his peers. This was all despite the fact that in a non-verbal way he showed a warm and bubbly personality. A multidisciplinary approach, involving Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Play Therapy, was employed to help Mkhonza reach his full potential. Mkhonza has made excellent progress and interacts well with his educators and peers and is one of the most liked learners in his class. In additional to the social skills that he has gained, the play therapy that he has received has helped him with some emotional issues that he had in the past.

Sizwe Simelane – Combined School learner

Simelane started at the Combined School in 2012. Despite being a hardworking and diligent young man, he struggled academically. An assessment by the Educational Psychologist indicated some barriers to learning and as a result he was placed in the ASP program as it would better meet his academic needs. Additionally, Buhle received weekly therapy from the social worker at the Combined School to help with the adjustment and also to give Buhle guidance towards his future. By the end of 2014 Buhle had shown a great improvement in his school performance and even completed the ASP program. Owing to his hard working nature, the Combined School has given Buhle a scholarship to come back to the school to further his learning in Catering and assist in the school’s kitchen.

Mabaruti Makhetha –Foundation school parent

Didintle Makhethe. Grade 1F

“I would like to thank the Sparrow Foundation School. My daughter has been at Sparrow for four months now and we have seen a great change in her. When she came to the school she could hardly hold a pencil properly and writing was a challenge for her and she had already developed a negative attitude towards school. Didi has gained so much confidence she can write and trying to read as well. I wish we could have more schools and the type of dedicated Educators that we have.”

*Names have been changed.

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