Taking chess a step further

For the longest time, society has viewed the ability to play chess as a measure of intellectual ability and high IQ. Evidence of that has been rather sparse. Although our learners at the Sparrow Combined School face various learning challenges, we have introduced a chess club and are now taking it a step further. The Combined School caters for grades 8, 9 and also offers an Adaptive Skills Program. The program aims to design a suitable environment for learners with learning difficulties.

Chess club

The school has introduced the pupils to online chess. The purpose of this class is to allow pupils to build on their mathematical capacity; it promotes strategic thinking, which in turn helps them in their daily activities of making decisions. This includes developing their concentration, planning and analysis skills.

Chess clu

“Having a chess club is a fun way to practice essential decision-making skills. Children at our school face various learning barriers and chess is a great tool to enhance their learning experience. The chess club aims to unite learners through this intellectual art,” explains Sparrow Combined School teacher, Noval Peterson.


Since the establishment of the chess club, the change has been evident in the attitudes of the learners; they are more positive and have shown confidence in their ability to overcome challenges. In addition, they have been introduced to an international platform where they challenge chess players from across the globe.

If you would like to challenge our students to a game of chess, contact Noval Peterson on 011 673 3558.

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