Opening of multi-purpose court

It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of the much anticipated Multi-purpose Sports court at the Sparrow Combined School. This would not have been possible without the generous contribution of Haberdasher’s Aske Boys School in the United Kingdom.


Previously, netball was played on the soccer field with portable netball poles or on the basketball court which was not conducive in developing the skills of this sport. There has been high interest in netball and tennis at the school, so we hope to develop teams for both sports and enter competitions.

The Combined School’s netball team facing off against the staff.

We will now be able to host home games and tournaments at the school, which will promote team unity and pride within the sporting codes. The improved facilities will also assist with improving the level of participation and the introduction of tennis at the school will promote our long-term goal of increasing exposure of different sporting domains to Sparrow learners.

Sparrow Staff facing off against the Combined School's netball team
Sparrow Staff facing off against the Combined School’s netball team

The multi-purpose court will not only enable the school to provide netball and tennis as formalised sports to the learners, we also hope to provide the wider community with facilities to participate in sporting programmes. Netball is considered one of the most popular women’s sports in South Africa and tennis is a popular activity for both men and women in South Africa.


The Multipurpose court is invaluable to the school in achieving our goal of exposing sparrow learners to a variety of sporting activities and to ensure that they are given opportunities to develop their sporting skills.

We would like to thank the people in England from Haberdasher’s, who were responsible for raising the money so that our learner’ lives can be changed for the better.  Jackie Gallagher, Sparrow Schools Educational Trust General Manager.

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