A Love for Reading Starts at Home

It is an exciting time for a child when they start learning to read, and this excitement needs to be nurtured at home. In school reading is involved in all subject areas, helping your child to read with fluency and comprehension is a vital skill that your child will need to cope well in the higher grades. Our Remedial Therapist, Samantha Bolton shares some tips to do at home:

1) Expose children to books and the wonder of stories from as young as possible.

2) Read daily with your child, reading should not only be confined to set school books they bring home but reading should also be for pleasure, reading can be a special bonding time between parents and their children.

3) Go to the library, this is a wonderful free activity and many libraries offer storytime and holiday programs.

4) Have books with you all the time, useful for keeping the little ones busy during while waiting for appointments, shopping,  eating a restaurant, and for those long drives.

5) Let your child read books to you at their level but also read books to them that are a bit more advanced so they can enjoy listening and using their imagination.

6) For older readers encourage them to get hooked on a book series so that they keep reading more.

7) Talk to your children about what they are reading, ask them questions, and at the end get them to summarise the book in a few sentences in their own words.

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