Floor Installation Students Give Back

“Although there is often sadness and disappointment at The Johannesburg Children’s Home, there is also joy and hope. There is a constant renewal of all that is good in life and windows of hope are always there to open and look out of.” – Joan Rubinstein, Johannesburg Children’s Home Director, 1983 -1994.


As the world continued to celebrate the life of the great Nelson Mandela in the month of July, on 19 July 2016, the Sparrow FET College’s Installation of Floor Coverings students dedicated their time to helping renew the Johannesburg Children’s Home. Through the invite of one of the FET College’s corporate funders, Kevin Bates, the students spent two days installing carpets at the child and youth care center.

students wor

“It’s amazing that the whole city is supporting those in need. It’s even more incredible that we have these young people who also face challenges coming here to give back and help those in need,” says Johannesburg Children’s Home Director, Annette Brokensha.


Despite this being an opportunity to do good, it was also great practical experience for the students, which in turn boosted their morale. “It was great for the students to come here and get some real work experience. They also got to see one of the former students working at Kevin Bates, I hope that will help motivate and encourage them,” says Installation of Floor Coverings Facilitator, Wayne Hendricks.

Students work
Thabiso Mbele training the students.

Thabiso Mbele, who is now a permanent employee at Kevin Bates was part of the Installation of Floor Coverings  programme in 2013.  “It’s a great feeling for me to be able to help the students that are coming behind me because I’ve been down that road.  I’ve realised how important it is to have someone with experience giving you a hand. I’m contributing to helping improve their chances of getting employed,” says Mbele.

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