Volunteers from Liverpool Hope University support Sparrow children

In July, Sparrow Schools were lucky to have volunteers all the way from Liverpool, England, to help support sparrow learners at the Foundation School. Sparrow Schools Educational Trust is connected to Liverpool Hope University, as a beneficiary project of the Universities’ charity ‘Global Hope’. The charity gives students and staff from Liverpool Hope University the opportunity to act as global citizens by engaging with international educational projects around the world including India, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Brazil and of course, South Africa (Sparrow Schools). We hear from 2 of the staff at Liverpool Hope University to find out more about their volunteer experience, as teaching assistants, at Sparrow Schools.

Lauren Whiston

uk - lauren wh

“I think the organisation (Sparrow) is excellent – the teachers are friendly, but firm and the office works hard to bring in the funds to support children in need. It truly is an amazing project to volunteer for. The love and support that the children receive from Sparrow has touched my heart and is something I will take back with me to the UK. Sparrow is providing morals and values within the children for the future. Keep up the good work!”

Peter Angell

UK - Peter

“Sparrow is an inspiring place that is giving hope to many in South Africa. Thank you all for a wonderful experience; the staff and students made us feel so welcome and everyone is doing a wonderful job. Sparrow Schools is a fantastic organisation that is doing amazing work and I would recommend that others also come and volunteer. “

If you are from another country and would like to volunteer at Sparrow Schools to support children with learning difficulties in Johannesburg, whilst visiting South Africa, please get in touch with us: lizzie@sparrowschools.co.za


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