How to make your own toys

Parents today often find it difficult to be constantly buying new toys for their little ones, as they feel their children are easily bored, and may play with toy once before discarding it. As parents, it is difficult to find a balance between keeping your child sufficiently stimulated and making sure that you are not spending too much money on toys.

“I love home made games and toys, because kids are often drawn to how unique they are and parents can continuously make new toys as your child grows and develops.”

Tools that work well for making home made toys can include toilet paper rolls, paper for discarding, polystyrene containers, plastic bottles, cans and much more.

Here are some amazing ideas for homemade toys, and they offer amazing opportunities for age-appropriate development and stimulation, yourself?utm_term=.bspwn6Mrm#.ydJ1yARrZ

Homemade toys

Written by Kate Delmont, Sparrow Foundation School Occupational Therapist.

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