Staff from FNB donate stationary to support children with learning difficulties.

On Friday 11th August, Sparrow Schools were delighted to welcome two ladies from First National Bank. Their visit included a tour of the Foundation School and afterwards the FNB volunteers handed over stationary, which was generously donated by the FNB Consumer department.

The stationary, which included items such as pens, exercise books and calculators, was donated to the Learner Support Unit (LSU). Sparrow’s LSU comprises of Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Remedial therapy, a Psychologist and Social Workers. This department is dedicated to supporting learners with their various social and learning difficulties and it all takes place on the school premises to support their education. The LSU plays a significant role in supporting children with learning difficulties and are always in need of more resources to help with therapy sessions.

FNB staff’s generous donation will play a vital role in assisting in the sessions the children have with the different therapists. Once again, Thank You to all the FNB staff members who donated their time and money for stationary to our Learner Support Unit at Sparrow Schools.

If you would like to support children with learning difficulties who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, please get in touch or sign up to our ‘Educate A Child Programme’.


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