The woman of the last three decades… #WomensMonth

Jackie now

Jackie Gallagher founded Sparrow Schools a little over 27 years ago, out of a need expressed by a circle of friends and acquaintances for help with extra lessons and assistance for their children.  A qualified teacher, with a love for fixing things, she established the school, with the aim of helping learners reach their full potential.

Aside from her love of education and empowerment, Jackie is passionate about marketing, and networking and uses these passions to drive funding and corporate partnerships for Sparrow Schools.   She says of herself that she is a dreamer at heart, and loves to come up with crazy ideas.

She believes that the next five years will be about succession planning at Sparrow Schools, and laying the foundation for the future of this pillar in the community.  She feels strongly that the future of Sparrow Schools will depend on maintaining the collaborative approach in place at the moment, and finding a general manager that is not only passionate about the school, but also about the team involved, the learners in its care, and the community that it serves.

¨I am part of a wonderful team – made up of family, friends, teachers and other employees at Sparrow Schools and am humbled by the difference we make.¨


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