As a teacher you have a very important job, one of the most important aspects of being a teacher is being a good role model. The learners in your class look up to you and they watch your behavior very closely.

If the learners trust and respect you then they are more likely to behave better and more effective teaching can take place. The learners may not always like you when you are disciplining them but if you do it in a fair and kind manner they will respect you for it. If you develop a good rapport with your learners they will be more likely to listen to you and try to please you.

Many of the children who enter your class may be coming from very chaotic home circumstances and at school they are looking for a consistent and calming environment. Having an overall gentle presence in your classroom will help to alleviate stress and anxiety and lead to a happier more productive classroom.

Gentleness is a calm, reassuring approach to managing your classroom that communicates to every learner that you’re in control and they can relax and focus on their responsibilities.

Show your learners that you are a leader worth following.

Written by: Samantha Bolton – Remedial Therapist (LSU)

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