LSU Manager shares his experiences at Sparrow Schools

Warren Thompson has been with Sparrow Schools team since 2012 and is currently the Manager of the Learner Support Unit (LSU)

He has vast experience in the support of individuals’ health and wellbeing, and the common thread throughout his career has been education. With qualifications in Child & Family Psychology, Social Work and assessment, he has worked at various educational institutions including the University of Johannesburg and Rosebank College, offering support and guidance to countless students.

In his role as the LSU Manager, Warren is best known for his calm and thoughtful leadership, and works with therapists across all three schools (Foundation, Combined and FET College), providing training, support and supervision to ensure that the learners and students receive the most beneficial educational experience.

Warren’s passion for ensuring students are given access to all the tools required to reach their full potential is what drives him in his daily work at Sparrow Schools.

“Seeing students change and succeed, and to be able to make a difference, not only in their lives but in the lives of their families, is an amazing journey.”


Warren Thompson – Learner Support Unit Manager, Sparrow Schools

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