Safety tip to teach your kids…

The world can sometimes be a scary place but we are able to prepare our kids to cope and make the best out of situations that might arise. Below are some handy things parents should focus on when teaching their kids about personal safety:

  • Tell your kids young: it is never to early to teach them about being safe.
  • Give clear guidelines such as “Never go home with anyone unless I have told you to first.”
  • Role play: Kid’s learn by doing so role play out some scenarios of how people may place your child in danger and how they can react.
  • Teach them to call for help from nearby adults.
  • Explain that “no one may touch their body in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.”
  • Kids may not be used from running away from an adult as they are taught to listen to them. But it is okay to teach them they can run from someone who makes them feel unsafe.

Written by: Warren Thompson, Sparrow Schools LSU manager.

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