Sparrow FET College Operations Manager shares her views

Melanie first joined Sparrow Schools in 2002, but left to pursue different projects, before re-joining the team in late 2008, when she took up the mantle as the Operations Manager at the FET College.


As the operations manager, Melanie is responsible not only for the day-to-day running of the FET college and all its faculties and administration, but also ensuring that the programmes and curriculum are meeting the needs of the learners and the workplace at large.

She believes that her life experience has brought her to where she is now and her role at Sparrow Schools FET College has enabled her to make a tangible difference in the lives of young people that are willing to take hold of the opportunities provided through this institution.

16 years of experience in social upliftment programmes and an extensive background in administration within a large financial services company, have made Melanie very pragmatic about what is required to efficiently run a business and at the same time turn people’s lives around.  She believes that one of her greatest strengths is her ability to wear different hats in her role at the FET College, to remain calm, and always consider all sides of a story, before making a judgement or a decision.

Her vision for the FET College is to continue to use it as the engine of sustainability for the Sparrow Schools Trust, especially at a time when NGOs are being encouraged to consider self-funding models.  It is, in her words, very rewarding to watch the FET College grow.  She believes there is scope for a national footprint for the Sparrow Schools FET College, one that is able to develop and offer more training programmes that are relevant for business.  

¨I do not consider myself a changemaker, people choose to change themselves. I am a part of the puzzle that contributes towards bettering our society and my country and to empowering people and helping them realise their full potential.¨

Melanie Malema – Operations manager at Sparrow FET College.

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