Team from Henley Business School support Sparrow’s Feeding Scheme

Over the past five months, Sparrow School has worked with middle managers who were completing a Management Advancement programme at Henley Business School, South Africa. As a beneficiary of the programme, Sparrow received free facilitation and consultation from six people on the programme to help develop our new feeding scheme.

The Foundation School Feeding Scheme started in January 2016, when a few concerned teachers and social workers noticed that some of the children had nothing to eat at school; no breakfast or lunch and consequently could not concentrate during class. The feeding scheme started off informally with a social worker bringing in sandwiches from home for children but soon realised that the issue was a lot bigger. After conducting formal assessments and interviews to see which children were not being fed before school or had no lunch with them at school, the staff found that there were 30 children who needed to be included on the feeding scheme. With the need being so great, Sparrow required a sustainable solution for the feeding scheme.


From April- October, Henley Business students visited the school to learn about our organisation and needs. On one occasion, the team volunteered to make burgers for the children and handed out a food parcel to all 30 children on the feeding scheme and described it as a humbling experience’. The Henley team facilitated a learning process that enabled Sparrow staff to identify the different issues preventing a sustainable feeding scheme at the school and allowed us to take a fresh approach to address our challenges. The programme culminated with a presentation on October 31st whereby the Henley team presented to Sparrow their journey and feedback.

The journey was based on a mutually beneficial relationship. Both parties learnt from each other and inspired each other to look at new ways to address the feeding scheme.

‘Henley Business School SA is committed to developing Africa’s leaders, this means reaching beyond corporate South Africa and into Civil Society. We recognise that with the universal need for business practice to be ethical, relevant, profitable and most importantly sustainable, we need more servant leaders who manage purpose driven enterprises.’ (Henley Business School).

The partnership was a great demonstration on how more needs to be done to bridge the gap between the corporate sector and community in order to build a better South Africa.

The outcome from working with the Henley Business School has been increased communication in the organisation; the social workers have worked closely with the fundraising team to communicate the needs of the feeding scheme. As a result, Sparrow have made a successful partnership with a company who has supplied food for the feeding scheme to ensure all the children have breakfast and lunch. This has helped concentration levels and learning in the classroom and will hopefully reflect in the exams results taking place next week. Sparrow have also employed a new staff member to prepare and deliver the food for the children on the feeding scheme so the teachers and social workers can focus on educating and supporting Sparrow children.

Thank you, once again to all the Henley Business School for all your support and encouraging business and communities to work together.

If your company would like to get involved with the community and support the development of South African youth we would love to meet you! Whether you need to get more benefits from what you spend on Skills Development or Enterprise & Supplier Development, or seek to do more with your Socio-economic and Corporate Social Investment budget, Sparrow FET College and Sparrow Schools provides reliable and valuable solutions across the board.

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