Vuma supports Sparrow Schools with free fibre

What could be better than high-speed internet at Sparrow Schools to support our leaner’s education?! FREE high-speed internet!

A Big THANK YOU to Vumatel who partnered with Vox Telecom to provide Sparrow Schools with world-class internet. Vuma has sponsored Sparrow Schools with free uncapped open access fibre optic infrastructure, which will have fundamental impact on the children’s education. 

Vuma have announced it’s going to roll out free uncapped open access fibre optic infrastructure to schools in the area. For further information about Vuma’s project please visit their website:

If your company would like to help a local school that supports disadvantaged children with learning difficulties to gain a comprehensive education or would like to support skills development for young South Africans, please get in touch! Whether you need to get more benefits from what you spend on Skills Development or Enterprise & Supplier Development, or seek to do more with your Socio-economic and Corporate Social Investment budget, Sparrow FET College provides reliable and valuable solutions across the board.

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