Our School: Sparrow Combined Technical Skills School

Situated in Sophiatown, The Sparrow Combined Technical Skills School is an accredited institution providing fundamental and vocational training to learners with remedial needs, thus enabling them to access jobs in which they would be trained to excel. The Combined Technical Skills school emerged as a pathway for our learners exiting the Foundation School and seeking to further their education. It also provided and opportunity for learners to enter into the Sparrow FET College.

The Combined Technical Skills School has recently received the Umalusi accreditation, which you can read about in our previous post (http://sparrowschoolsblog.co.za/2018/01/15/sparrow-combined-technical-high-school-receives-umalusi-accreditation/) this achievement ensures that Sparrow continuously provides quality education to our students and enables the school to monitor and evaluate education practices effectively in order to align with the correct framework and requirements set before the council.

Finally, at Combined, our learners are provided with the necessary occupational skills, enabling them to attain an NQF level 1 qualification within the duration of four years. Like the Foundation School, the Combined School adopts a learner-centered approach, as we teach towards potential, and are constantly mindful of individual learner strengths and weaknesses.

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