Helping lower South Africa’s unemployment rate one student at a time

With the current unemployment rate at 27.2 percent, according to Statistics South Africa, the
number of South Africans actively seeking employment remains one of the biggest challenges our
country is facing.

This year will again see thousands of matriculants completing school, but not meeting the admission
requirements of attending a tertiary education facility. Some will be able to hone their skills at
Further Education and Training Colleges, which offer an alternative to traditional tertiary
institutions, and this is where corporate companies can play a major role by investing in the
development of students to become employable within their organisations.
One such institution that has taken the initiative to address the burden of unemployment is the Sparrow
FET College located in Sophiatown, Johannesburg. It offers students skills development programmes
that enable them with the tools to enter the formal job market or becoming self-employed

The college partners with reputable corporate companies who have identified skills shortages within their own organisations or industries and together they train the youth in much-needed skills that
will see them become employable within the organisations.
Each programme has been designed to deliver high-impact training in employable skills such as hospitality, automotive repair, welding and end-user computing.
All these SETA accredited courses are offered in partnership with industry representatives, who offer the relevant insight, work experience and sometimes tuition funding for learners who are unable to meet the financial demands of the training.

Over the last five years, one thousand, one hundred and eight students have graduated from
Sparrow FET College and 60-65% of these students have been placed into active employment
positions throughout the country.

Sparrow FET College is not only offering vocational training to its students and unlocking the door to
employment, but is also helping businesses achieve BEE compliance.

To find out more information about Sparrow FET College or how your business can get involved call
011 673 4419 or 011 482 1015

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