This is the value of studying at an FET college

This is the value of studying at an FET college

Furthering one’s education after primary and secondary tuition is almost indispensable today. When applying for jobs, potential employers are looking for candidates that are the most qualified and have garnered the most experience after school.

In this regard, FET colleges have an important role to play in providing training that gives candidates the best chance of securing a job after their studies.

What is an FET college?

FET (short for Further Education and Training) colleges like Sparrow FET College set out to arm students with vocational and occupational skills that translate to actual job opportunities after completing a industry-related course.

Depending on the college, it may offer various courses that are tailored to help students get a job after completing the course in question.

Some of the industries that courses centre on may include engineering, services, business, education, building construction and the automotive industry, among many others.

Courses may vary in duration, and can range from short courses of only a few hours long, to diplomas, which take a few months to complete.

Who can apply to study at an FET college?

Entrance requirements vary from institution to institution, but the general standard is that people applying to study at an FET college will have to have completed Grade 10 and be older than 16 years. At Sparrow FET College, candidates must be between 18 and 35 years of age.

How is a qualification acquired at an FET college useful?

Studying at an FET college prepares students for the job market by teaching industry-related skills that are sought-after by potential employers in the given industries.

Other than more traditional tertiary education models, the focus is on skills development at FET colleges, and not just on theoretical knowledge that underlies particular industries.

Studying at an FET college equips students with practical abilities that they will use in their given sector, and many FET colleges also provide students with workplace experience which puts these skills and abilities to the test.

This is also the case at Sparrow FET College. To find out more about the courses we offer, and to learn about our entrance requirements, contact Sparrow FET College today.

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