Embarking on the establishment of a career is a seminal experience. This is an exciting time for anyone just starting out on their career path, but while it may be exciting at first, it is normal to lose a bit of the initial exhilaration.

Here are eight quotes about careers to remember for those days when work just feels too much like work.

Imagine what you want from life. Now, make it happen.

Staying present puts life into your day.

Confucius’s quote is probably one of the most enduring quotes in history about work. It still rings as true now as it did thousands of years ago.

Realising that our work should fulfil us more than simply in monetary terms is key to career happiness.

Imagination is one of the most valuable skills in any career.

Failure is never forever.

No one person can do everything.

Becoming successful in one’s chosen career is a lifetime of trial, error and learning.


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