How Catrobatkidz is helping Sparrow learners reach their full potential

How Catrobatkidz is helping Sparrow learners reach their full potential

aAll educators know that academic performance is very closely tied to physical coordination and development. Gross motor skills are the building blocks of both physical and academic performance, and being able to control one’s body and movements holds benefits for learners in a number of academic endeavours.

For example, did you know that a sense of rhythm is beneficial to developing the reading skills of learners, or that physical prowess helps to aid self-discipline and self-confidence in learners?

The Catrobatkidz extracurricular programme, which is also available to the learners at Sparrow Foundation School, has been assisting learners in developing their body awareness, balance, locomotion, gross and fine motor skills, spatial relationships, rhythm and timing, strength, flexibility, and coordination since 2001, and currently have a number of branches in operation all across South Africa.

The programme focuses on creating movement experiences which develops these key skills in learners, and have the power to:

• Build confidence in learners
• Prevent low muscle tone
• Improve brain integration
• Encourage a healthy lifestyle
• Promote a love for exercise
• Provide preparation skills for most sports

A healthy body is home to a healthy mind, goes the saying, and Sparrow is happy to say that our educators are already seeing the results of the Sparrow Catrobatkidz programme in the classroom.

Many of our learners come from difficult economic circumstances, and a number of kids live on a nearby rubbish dump, without access to educational stimulation at home. Extracurricular programmes like Catrobatkidz are especially useful to these learners, who often exhibit difficulties with concentration, gross and fine motor skills, and reading and writing.

The improvement Sparrow educators have noticed in learners with these issues has been truly remarkable, and has once again reinforced the Sparrow philosophy of using holistic teaching methods to promote to whole-child development


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