Spring clean and donate unwanted goods to help educate a Sparrow child

Spring clean and donate unwanted goods to help educate a Sparrow child

Spring is in the air, and the time for the season’s customary cleaning routine has arrived with it. This year, we’d like to encourage everyone to put the unwanted goods they decide to get rid of to good use – and donate towards the education of a Sparrow learner while you’re at it.

In this regard, Sparrow has teamed up with Simeon Seara Dube, a Soweto-based jumble shop owner and the father of two learners at Sparrow Foundation School. Operating from a pop-up shop-based set-up, Mr Dube has been able to settle the school fees of his own two children, as well as using the earnings from donated goods to keep an additional four learners in school as well.

Interested parties can drop off unwanted goods at Sparrow Foundation School, from where they will be collected for sale at Mr Dube’s jumble shop in Soweto.

Does the prospect of spring-cleaning seem a little daunting? Why not use the six basic rules of tidying, according to the organising consultant and eponymous star of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?

1. Commit to tidying up

Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method requires dedication, time and effort. Once you’ve decided to tidy up, follow through.

2. Imagine what you’re ideal lifestyle would be like

Imagine the type of house you’d like to live in, and envision how it would be set up, organised and decorated.

3. Start discarding first

Don’t try to find space for items that should really be discarded. Starting with discarding frees up space that can be put to better use.

4. Don’t tidy by room, tidy by category

Imagine, for example, you are tidying up your closet. Instead of going from room to room and tidying the closets, start by gathering all your clothes in a single location where you can objectively assess how much you have and what needs to go.

5. Tidy in the correct order

Marie Kondo recommends that we follow a certain order while tidying – this helps you to learn how to decide what items to keep, based on whether they “spark joy”, or not. The order you should tidy in, according to the KonMari Method, is clothes > books > papers > miscellaneous items (komono) > sentimental items. The reasoning behind this order is that it’s easier to learn what clothing items to keep, for example, than it is to decide what sentimental items to get rid of. Tidying in this order is also sure to save time.

6. Does it ‘spark joy’?

Marie Kondo recommends that we decide what stays and what goes by deciding whether it sparks joy in us. We can do this by holding the item firmly in both hands. If it sparks joy, says Kondo, you should feel a little thrill, whereas items that don’t spark joy will leave you feeling heavy. If an item does not spark joy, it should be discarded, but not before expressing gratitude for its service.

Whether you use the KonMari Method, or your own, tried-and-trusted tidying shortcuts, please don’t forget to donate anything you aren’t using anymore towards our jumble collection. You’re not just tidying up your space – you’re also building the future of our nation.

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