10 activity ideas to keep the kids busy this December holiday

10 activity ideas to keep the kids busy this December holiday

As much as we’re all looking forward to putting our feet up this December vacation, many parents have feelings of trepidation about how they’ll keep the kids busy for the six weeks until the next school year starts.

Fear not! Here are 10 activity ideas that’ll occupy the children for at least some of the time.

1. Let them help with household chores

Kids won’t be fussed with doing chores unless there’s some external motivation involved. Run a competition for the duration of the December break – the child who has completed the most chores over the holiday wins a prize! Your home has never been as tidy this time of year.

2. Let them sort out and donate toys and clothes they aren’t using

Have the kids sort out their rooms, and donate the things they aren’t wearing or using to a worthy organisation. This encourages and fosters a sense of sharing and shared responsibility – something that isn’t just important during the festive season, but all the time.

3. Let them play dress-up

Is there anything more fun than rummaging through mom and dad’s closet and putting on an haute couture fashion show?

4. Put on a play

Have the children write, direct and perform their own play. Invite the neighbours to enjoy the show.

5. Visit the library

Public libraries are wonderful oases of stillness and relaxation, and these institutions often run holiday programmes as well. You’ll be ensuring entertainment that also has an educational slant.

6. Visit an animal shelter

Another way to entertain the kids and give something back is to take them to an animal shelter as volunteers. They’ll be taking a load off of these organisations, which are especially under pressure this time of year, and they’ll have a great time doing it.

7. Let them do festive arts and crafts

Why not keep them busy with festive-themed arts and crafts? Here are some ideas to get you started.

8. Take their art to the streets

Arm them with coloured chalk, and let their creativity loose on the driveway or sidewalk.

9. Have a picnic in the park

Let them pack a picnic basket and head out to your nearest public park for a summers’ day out in nature.

10. Have them learn a new skill

Has your child always wanted to try tennis, swimming or learning a new language, but there’s just never enough time? The December break is a great time to have them explore these interests and bump up on their skills while they’re at it.

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