Here is how Catrobatkidz is making a real difference for Sparrow learners

Here is how Catrobatkidz is making a real difference for Sparrow learners

Catrobatkidz has been helping learners all over the country develop and improve their body awareness, balance, locomotion, gross and fine motor skills, spatial relationships, rhythm and timing, strength, flexibility, and coordination since 2001, and Sparrow is fortunate to also offer our learners the opportunity to take part in this movement exercise-based educational programme.

Sparrow educators have certainly noticed improvement in the learners taking part in Catrobatkidz – here are some real-life success stories from the classroom. The names of learners have been changed to initials in order to protect their privacy.

It helps learners to better listen to and follow instructions

The Catrobatkidz programme may be a physical endeavour, but it has reaped real benefits for learners who have trouble listening to and following instructions.

Ms Tayla Robertson, who runs the Catrobatkidz programme at Sparrow, has cited E. as a good example here. When the learners started with Catrobatkidz in the second term of this year, E. was not able to listen to or follow instructions at all, but is now able to follow instructions with much more ease – this holds real benefits in the classroom, where listening is an indispensable skill.

It helps learners to better understand and use English

Considering English is not the first language of most of Sparrow’s learners, it is critical to develop their English language skills in the foundation phase. Catrobatkidz, which uses English as the instructional language, has really helped B. to improve her English language skills. This means that she will also be able to perform better in class.

It aids learners with behavioural issues

V.’s bad behaviour made Catrobatkidz a struggle when she first started with the programme. Thanks to Catrobatkidz, V. has shown vast behavioural improvement, and is also better at following instructions.

It helps learners who struggle to concentrate and stay on task

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is something that can be challenging to both learners and educators, but is unfortunately quite prevalent among learners today, for a variety of reasons. When they started with Catrobatkidz in term two, K. had troubled listening properly, M. would constantly shout out answers, and P. walked around all the time. These learners’ experience with the Catrobatkidz programme has improved these behavioural patterns in every instance.

The behavioural and skills improvement that the Sparrow learners who take part in Catrobatkidz have shown is not only restricted to the programme, but has also translated to improvements in their academic abilities, performance, and overall wellbeing. We are grateful to Catrobatkidz for the important work they do for the learners at Sparrow, and are excited to see further improvement in 2020.

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