Sparrow FET College opens George Marsh Training Centre


In alignment with the Sparrow Schools Educational Trust’s vision to expand our students’ capability to earn a livelihood, Sparrow FET College was proud to officially open the newly completed George Marsh Training Centre on 23 January 2020.

The centre, which will accommodate approximately 240 unemployed youth, was opened with great fanfare, and Sparrow was honoured to have the Founder of the Sparrow Schools Foundation UK and current Sparrow Foundation UK trustee, George Marsh, from whom this building takes its name, with us on the day.

George Marsh’s connection to Sparrow Schools spans decades, and Sparrow is proud to honour this loyal supporter and contributor to education in this way. A former headmaster at Dulwich Preparatory School in London – a committed and dedicated Sparrow Schools supporter – Marsh was hailed by Sparrow Schools General Manager, Jackie Gallagher, who recalled how he “walked alongside me during my Sparrow journey”.

The Sparrow Foundation UK has indeed had a significant hand in making Sparrow what it is today, contributing 15% of the overall budget and around R20-million in all over the past 20 years.

Sparrow is immensely proud of how this centre, equipped with the latest technology, will contribute to learning and training at Sparrow FET College. We would not have been able to achieve this milestone in our history without the generous support of a number of people and organisations.

Our earnest and heartfelt thanks go to:

  • The Sparrow Foundation UK, for continued financial support, also with regards to contributions towards the building of the George Marsh Training Centre.
  • Piero Pallini and the team at CyberPro Consulting, for funding towards the cabling and networking of the new centre.
  • Peter Clarke and the team at LanDynamix, for their pro bono consulting services, IT layout support and advice on security.
  • Neal Umpleby, our architect of many years.
  • JTSON Construction, John Munday and our builders, for professional and timeous construction of the building.
  • Sparrow SA trustees, supporters, clients and friends, for their continued support to help us reach our education and training goals.
  • Sparrow staff, and especially Peter and Grant, for six months of continued effort and hard work, even throughout December.
  • Sparrow partner, South Bakels and our Cookery and Hospitality students, who prepared delicious snacks and refreshments on the day.

In the words of South African poet, Phillippa Yaa de Villiers, “only when we stand together can we say that we have won”. We look to the future with a united vision of education for all, and look forward to the ways in which the George Marsh Training Centre will enable and empower the students at Sparrow FET College.

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