SAGE Net volunteers help Sparrow scale to new heights

Sparrow Schools ascribes a lot of the success the school has had over the past few decades to healthy relationships with a range of other organisations that share our educational vision. We know that taking hands in solidarity is the best way for the future, and in this regard, we are happy to have two international volunteers in our midst.

Nadin Chreiteh and Kendra Hons, both German volunteers with the South African German Network (SAGE Net), arrived at Sparrow in September of last year. They have been supporting teachers at Sparrow Foundation School, whilst also taking charge of operations at the school’s Media Centre and a newly started extramural theatre club. They will be in South Africa until September 2020.


























In the Media Centre, Nadin and Kendra have taught learners about healthy eating habits and global warming, among others, and they are excited about the advantages movement and performance art might have for Sparrow learners.

Although lamenting the social ills and inequality that still plague South Africa, Hons and Chreiteh say they stand in awe of the sheer resilience of the learners at Sparrow Foundation School, who show incredible enthusiasm, eagerness and motivation to learn despite the challenges they face. Both also admired the close-knit relationship between educators, staff and learners at Sparrow, and praised the fact that every learner at the school is important.

Aside from assisting at Sparrow, Nadin and Kendra have also had a chance to experience the natural beauty that South Africa has to offer – a Christmas trip to the Garden Route and Knysna with other SAGE Net volunteers stood out in particular.

While Nadin plans to travel more once her time at Sparrow comes to a close, Kendra is now considering pursuing educational studies upon her arrival back in Germany.

As always, Sparrow is proud and grateful to host international volunteers at our school, and we are excited to see how the rest of our SAGE Net volunteers’ stay turns out.

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