Get to know the Sparrow FET staff: Musa Thomo

As the world takes a collective breather in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, we invite you to sit back and get to know some of the people who keep the wheels rolling at Sparrow FET College.

Musa Thomo has been a member of staff at Sparrow FET College since 2016, and was promoted to Operations Manager at Sparrow FET on 1 March this year.

Musa is 34, and an avid sportsman whose eloquence earned him the title of the best speaker on his debate team in 2008. As Operations Manager at Sparrow, Musa oversees the high-level HR duties at the College, and also works to create a space where staff can grow and thrive in order to best empower our students.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in KwaZulu-Natal and did my primary schooling there. I later moved to Johannesburg, where I completed my grade 12.

How would you describe your childhood?

I had a normal childhood under the guidance of both my parents (which I count as my biggest blessing), my father being the greatest inspiration in terms of leadership and assertiveness, and my mother being the more patient and thoughtful of the two.

I was privileged to be given the opportunity to attend multi-racial schools (from primary to secondary) which at the time were perceived to offer “better” and “quality” education, as opposed to township schools. I have two siblings – an older brother and a younger brother – making me the middle child.

When did you move to Johannesburg?

My “busy” childhood meant that I often travelled and alternated between schools in KwaZulu-Natal and Johannesburg. In terms of my career life, I officially and permanently moved to Joburg in 2008.

What high school did you attend?

I attended Sir Pierre Van Ryneveld High School, and that is where I completed my grade 12.

What did you study after school?

I studied Public Relations Management and Communication after school, and acquired a National Diploma at NQF level 6. Last year I completed another programme, the National Certificate in Generic Management, NQF level 5.

Where did you study after school?

I studied at DUT and later went to MSC Business College.

What was your first job title at Sparrow?

I started off as a Job Coach.

What other positions have you held at Sparrow?

Within eight months of working at Sparrow FET College, I got promoted to Quality Assurance Supervisor.

How do you feel about this new position?

I am very excited, though it’s a bit overwhelming at this early stage. I believe I was thoroughly trained for this role, as I worked closely with the previous Operations Manager, Melanie Malema, who has been a great mentor to me.

How do you feel about the future of the Sparrow FET College?

I believe there is a bright future for Sparrow FET College in terms of growth, financially and otherwise. The trend from 2016 (when I started working here) evidently shows growth in our student numbers, which translates to growth in our business and ultimately our staff complement.

What do you wish to achieve in your new position?

I obviously want to maintain the College’s good standing in terms of past and current achievements, as cliché as this may sound. A personal goal for me is to minimise staff turnover by securing and holding on to the current staff complement through competitive salaries, motivation, an “open-door” policy in terms of my leadership approach and, most importantly, staff development and up-skilling.

Sparrow is proud to have a dedicated team of staff who support us in our efforts to arm the young people of South Africa with skills that can help them thrive. Under the competent guidance of Musa Thomo, we are excited to see how our staff comes up with innovative solutions and new approaches – both inside of the classroom, and out.

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