The Educate-A-Child Initiative

Make your mark

For as little as R100 per month, you can assist in providing education and support to children experiencing challenging socio-economic and learning difficulties.

Your Contribution Goes a Long Way

Sponsoring a child has benefits that go beyond simply providing education to a child. Your sponsorship money is used to keep the school fees affordable for the learners, many of whom are from places of safety, child-headed households or disadvantaged homes where parents cannot afford the specialised care their children need.

Sparrow Schools receives little in terms of subsidies and fees from government and learners (10% and 30% respectively). This leaves a massive 60% per child that still requires funding. This is where your monthly sponsorship goes. When you sponsor a child, you will receive:

  • A photo of the child you sponsor
  • The child’s academic results
  • Regular newsletters about the progress
    of the children enrolled at Sparrow.

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