How to Volunteer

For Local Volunteers:

If you have the time and capacity, we have the need. Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to those in need whilst gaining life experience. Opportunities vary from reading with a child or assisting an educator to offering professional services, based on your specific interests, abilities or qualifications.

Sparrow Schools is a full service day school. Volunteering opportunities are only available during school terms and hours.

For International Volunteers:

We value international volunteers, who want to visit South Africa whilst contributing to this society. It is an opportunity to interact with people from different cultures, whilst using your skills and talents.

We look for gap year students who are willing to work as educators’ assistants as well as qualified and experienced professionals including Teachers, Therapists, Sports enthusiasts, Artisans, Artists, and Musicians. Outside of school terms volunteers are free to travel South Africa.

We expect volunteers to cover the costs of their air travel and their stay with us. For this reason, Sparrow requires you to raise enough money to purchase your air tickets to and from Johannesburg, South Africa, and cover your monthly costs of food, commuting, utility costs and all luxury items/outings/holidays/ insurance etc. Medical insurance is imperative. In return you will be placed in accommodation and have an awesome experience.
In the best interest of our learners, we do require volunteers to apply, go through a screening process and work under supervision.

For more information about our volunteer programmes, please email us on

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